Privacy Policy



1. Privacy Policy

SMARTBKR respects personal privacy and attaches great importance to client relationships. SMARTBKR is proud of its support and respect for personal data protection. All personal data collected by SMARTBKR will be protected with strict security measures. This Privacy Policy describes how personal data is collected and how it is maintained, used, and disclosed. This section will also provide some details about customer rights. The provisions in this notice apply to former customers, existing customers, and applicants.


2. Data Collection

Under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006, SMARTBKR is responsible for collecting information and verifying clients' identity, which is known as "Know Your Clients" (KYC). the information we collect for KYC purposes may include proof of identity, contact information, national identification code, and other documents concerning social demographics, transactions, finances, and contracts, etc.


Upon applying for SMARTBKR Live or Demo Account, you acknowledge and agree that you consent to SMARTBKR and its affiliates voluntarily. Personal data is defined as any information about a customer that identifies the customer or reasonably confirms the identity of the customer. When personal data is collected by a third party, SMARTBKR will take reasonable steps to ensure that the customer comprehends the collection.


SMARTBKR reserves the right to keep a record of all transactions and activities in the client's account, including (but not limited to) the closing position. SMARTBKR collects and holds clients' information when they apply to SMARTBKR online or through other types of forms, operating accounts or transactions through the SMARTBKR website.


SMARTBKR may collect sensitive information, under the circumstances below:

1) The Client agrees that this collection and information is reasonably required for the functions and operations of the SMARTBKR;

2) SMARTBKR has reasonable grounds to believe that such collection is necessary to reduce or prevent the life, health, or safety of the individual or the public from being seriously threatened, where client consent is unavailable with best efforts;

3) SMARTBKR has reasonable doubts that serious illegal activities or misconduct are being or may be engaged, which affects the functions or operations of the SMARTBKR;

4) SMARTBKR considers this collection necessary to assist in identifying those who are reportedly missing.


It is not compulsory for clients to provide the SMARTBKR with all profiles required on the application form. However, SMARTBKR may not be able to open an account or provide services to customers in the absence of relevant information. SMARTBKR will endeavor to ensure that all information we hold about you is accurate, complete, and up to date. Clients should notify SMARTBKR immediately at the change of their personal information, which ensures the accuracy in SMARTBKR. If the complaint resolution provided by SMARTBKR does not satisfy the customer, the customer can complain to the Privacy Commissioner who will further investigate your complaint.


We may receive your personal information from third-party sources at any time, but only from those who have obtained your consent or legal permission or must disclose your personal information to us. The information will only be used to enhance the services we provide to you, such as providing topics related to our services or of your interest.


Upon visiting our website, your information may be automatically collected from your device, which in some countries, including the European Economic Area (EEA), may be considered personal information. Specifically, the information we automatically collect may include, for example, your IP address, device type, unique device ID, browser type, wide geographic location (e.g. country or city location), and other technical information. In addition, we may also collect information about how your device interacts with our site, including links to pages and links to clicks.


The information serves the purpose of a better understanding of our visitors, including where they came from and what they are interested in. It will be used for internal analysis only, to improve the quality and relevance of our website for our visitors.


3. Use and Disclosure

SMARTBKR can decide whether it will trade with clients based on the information in clients' applications. The information obtained is intended to provide customers with up-to-date information in terms of margin requirements, funds in the client's account, and perhaps other SMARTBKR activities. SMARTBKR also requires such information to manage the products and services offered to customers.


Personal data can be used for the following purposes:

1) Certification process, continuing account administration or any investment, transaction, or related service or product relating to new or existing customers; direct or indirect product marketing; data sharing, verifying or transfer with any SMARTBKR or SMARTBKR affiliates or related companies.

2) Compare and/or transfer such personal data to third-party service providers for credit verification and/or certification purposes;

3) Any use of or relating to compliance with any law, regulation, decree, or order of a regulatory body, including the provision of any such information to any such regulatory body as required by law or regulation;

4) Any other use of or relating to the business or transaction of SMARTBKR or the business or transaction of any affiliate or related company of SMARTBKR Group or SMARTBKR.


SMARTBKR may also use Customer's personal data for the following purposes: (i) promotion of SMARTBKR products and services to customers; (ii) understanding of products and services that customers may be interested in obtaining from SMARTBKR; (iii) any other purpose that Customer has agreed to; And (iv) any use required or authorized by law. SMARTBKR can collect information on customer transactions anonymously and disclose such information to third parties.

SMARTBKR cannot use or disclose customer data for purposes other than the above.


4. Profile Confidentiality

SMARTBKR will take all reasonable steps to prevent improper use, loss, unauthorized use, interference, alteration, or disclosure of clients' personal data. We use appropriate technical and management measures to protect our collection and processing of your personal information. The measures we use are designed to provide a level of security applicable to the risks involved in dealing with your personal information. Specifically, we:

1. Store personal information in a secured device, and the information is stored electronically on a secured server.

2. We try to use encrypted transport links.

3. Use other security protections such as firewalls, authentication systems (eg passwords) and access control mechanisms to control unauthorized access to systems and information.

4. Review our mechanisms for information collection, preservation, and processing practices on a regular basis, including physical security measures to protect against unauthorized system access.

5. Give restricted access to this information to our employees, contractors and agents who need to obtain personal information and strictly abide by confidentiality obligations in the contract. SMARTBKR may punish or dismiss individuals who deliberately obtain information with no authorization.


We will take serious and prompt measures to handle any accidental or unauthorized disclosure of personal information. Where appropriate, and when dealing with accidental or unauthorized disclosure of personal information, we will act in accordance with the relevant reported data disclosure plan.


5. How do we use cookies?

1) A cookie is a small text file created by a web server and stored on a user's browser. When a user visits a web server, the website can access the cookie information. In addition to being used to identify a user, a cookie can also be used to store user information and track user access behavior.

2) We do not collect and track any information or behavior of the user other than confirm the identity and login status of the user.

3) You can manage and delete cookies to your preferences. Most browsers have the ability to disable or delete cookies in the system. It is important to note that blocking cookies may cause certain unfunctional features on our website or system, which may affect your experience. 


Risk Warning: The company's services include leveraged products, with incidental losses exceeding the risk of depositing funds, and may not be suitable for all investors. Please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved.