Murphy's law in crude oil / gold / foreign exchange investment

one of them: " Murphy's law "," Parkinson's theorem "and" Peter's principle "are also called the three most outstanding discoveries in western culture in the 20th century. Suppose you drop a piece of dry bread on the carpet, and both sides of the bread may land. But suppose you drop a piece of bread with jam on one side on the carpet, often the jam on the other.

to put it another way: if something is likely to go bad, it will become a reality. This is Murphy's law. Its scope of application is very wide, it reveals a unique social and natural phenomenon. Its extreme expression is: if a bad thing is likely to happen, no matter how small the possibility is, it will happen and cause the most possible damage.

1) transactions that have not established protective stop loss mandate; 2) excessive positions held due to carelessness;

2. The application of Murphy's rule in the investment market: if you are afraid of falling, it will fall to you; if you want to rise, it will not rise; if you can't help selling, it will start to rise; if you buy one of the three currencies, the other two will rise well except the one in your hand.

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my experience is that of the several that are optimistic at the same time, the one that is the most uncertain is to buy. Or the last of these currencies in your mind, it may work best. It's also the most disappointing thing to expect in the mid-term. The last place you look for is the place where you find the lost things 2. If you go up, up, up in the first three days of a Friday trading day, you don't pay attention to; the next two days, you go down, down. Look: Murphy's law works!

. If you pledge your stock to the bank, you can't help but think that it will jump one day. Since there is a possibility, there is an opportunity to achieve it. The makers have been comfortable for several years. We didn't pay attention. One day, we dived. Look, Murphy's rule is working again. It is also a kind of probability. There are good and bad results every day, and the possibility of both exists at the same time. Good results, no one noticed. Once there is a bad result, only because the result is too strong and impressive, it leads to an inevitable conclusion. In a mobile market, the bad part is where you come to the conclusion that the Murphy rule works.

Murphy's principle:

1. Murphy's law focuses on the possibility, including those small probability events, emphasizing the change and uncertainty of things, expanding our vision of thinking or observation, and preventing trouble before it happens. At the same time, it tells us not to follow the same example, but to see what people have not seen and think about, and there may be opportunities to make money in those places. It's the same with surprise. This is the magic weapon of some people. One aspect of Murphy's law is the problem of attention. What we pay attention to is selective. The information that the world presents in front of us is very rich, but we usually make limited choices with our six senses and inner needs, cognition and acceptance ability, which are usually linear, one-sided and uncoordinated. So sometimes when things happen, we pay attention and start to regret. Therefore, the purpose of Murphy's law is to break the self barrier of our inner understanding of the world, let the attention diverge and flow as much as possible, and observe the overall changes. Murphy's law points out human's predicament, human's weakness or paradox, and its direction is always the direction after the extremes or the unexpected direction of ordinary people. Therefore, Murphy's law is worth pondering 3. Murphy's law makes our attention diverge, flow and observe the global changes. ----It's just a name, more like a basket. Everything uncertain can be loaded in. It reminds us that in the face of anything, we should be more thoughtful and comprehensive, and take certain insurance measures to prevent the disaster and loss caused by accidental mistakes.