Terms of Services

This is an agreement between you and the Service Provider MESENTA GLOBAL LIMITED (hereinafter referred to as "MESENTA") regarding the use of any services provided by MESENTA. Please confirm that you have read, understood, and accepted all the terms contained herein. As this agreement is legally binding, please read it carefully before using our services. By registering to access and use MESENTA, you agree to all terms of this Agreement. In case of any objection, please keep your account locked (for existing users) and stop using MESENTA.


Agreement condition


MESENTA reserves the right to modify the terms of this Agreement at any time, and the latest version will be effective immediately after posted on the website and released to users. Continuing to use the MESENTA service is deemed to be your acceptance of any revised terms.


Applicable conditions


You acknowledge that upon completion of MESENTA registration and use of MESENTA, you should be a natural person, legal person or other organization with full civil rights and full civil capacity. If you do not have the above qualifications, you and your guardian shall bear all the consequences, and MESENTA reserves the right to cancel or permanently freeze your account and claim against you and your guardian.


Disable condition

MESENTA does not offer access or services to anyone on any trade or economic sanctions list, such as the UN Security Council sanctions list, the US Department of Foreign Affairs Office (OFAC) Office of Foreign Assets Control sanctions list and any other A list of the same kind.


MESENTA prohibits residents of the United States or Quebec (Canada) from holding positions or signing contracts at MESENTA. Residents of Cuba, Crimea and Sevastopol, Iran, Syria, North Korea and Sudan, or residents of any other jurisdiction where it would be illegal according to Applicable Law for you (by reason of your nationality, domicile, citizenship, residence or otherwise) to access or use the Services or the Trading Platform; or (iv) where the publication or availability of the Services or the Trading Platform is prohibited or contrary to local law or regulation, or could subject any member of MESENTA to any local registration or licensing requirements (together, the “Restricted Jurisdictions”).


MESENTA may, in its sole discretion, implement controls to restrict access to the Services or the Trading Platform in any of the Restricted Jurisdictions. If MESENTA determines that you are accessing the Services or the Trading Platform from any Restricted Jurisdiction, or have given false representations as to your location of incorporation, establishment, citizenship or place of residence, MESENTA reserves the right to close any of your accounts immediately and liquidate any open positions.


MESENTA retains its right to choose a service market and jurisdiction and may limit or deny its services to the relevant sanctioned country. The content of this Agreement shall not be excluded from the laws of the country in which the user is located. The MESENTA prohibits blacklisted users from using any of the services associated with the MESENTA.


MESENTA Service Description


The MESENTA is a platform for online digital currency transactions. The products are mainly cryptocurrencies. MESENTA does not provide legal currency transactions and is therefore not subject to the laws and regulations of the legal currency. Traders must register and open an account with the MESENTA to store digital assets before starting a trade. Traders can withdraw their digital assets, subject to the conditions in the terms.


MESENTA endeavors to ensure the accuracy of the information posted on its website, but with no guarantee of 100% applicability, reliability, completeness and accuracy of the content. MESENTA will not be liable directly or indirectly for any loss arising from the content. The information on the MESENTA website only serves to improve the judgement, which will be updated from time to time without notice. MESENTA does not provide investment advice and is not responsible for the use of the information described on its website and other media. Users should be aware that transactions are risky and encourage all users to conduct transactions in a responsible and discreet manner.


MESENTA emphasizes the importance of platform security and strives to ensure the continuity and stability of the services provided (notices will be issued during downtime or maintenance), but will not be held liable for malicious hacking, terrorist attacks and other unforeseen circumstances. In the event of an abnormal transaction, MESENTA reserves the right to cancel, roll back and prohibit all types of transactions on its platform. MESENTA will not require users to provide passwords, nor does it require users to transfer assets that are not on the MESENTA trading platform. Users should be on full alert to deceptive promotions. By using MESENTA, you agree that MESENTA will not be liable for any loss resulting from the above and related circumstances.


When using MESENTA and other related services, you confirm that all information related to MESENTA is true, accurate and complete.


Account Usage Requirements


MESENTA accounts can only be used by their account owner. MESENTA reserves the right to suspend, freeze or cancel the access by persons other than the account owner and will not be liable for such accounts.

Upon registration on MESENTA, the customer understands and accepts the trading rules of the MESENTA platform.

Customers should understand when using the MESENTA simulated trading and calculator: a) MESENTA simulator and calculator is for information and testing purposes only, not for education; b) although the simulator uses the same market data and index as the trading platform, but there may be differences lying; and c) any past performance and experience on the simulator can not serve as a reliable indicator of the future returns, performance and experience of the trading platform.


Account Security


MESENTA prioritizes asset security and adopts industry-standard protection measures for the platform. However, the behavior of individual users can also cause account risk. We recommend that you take proper measures at the same time to protect the security of your personal account and information.

You are responsible for safeguarding your MESENTA account and password (including but not limited to information disclosure, information release, consent to the website, renewal of the agreement, etc.).

You agree to:

(a) notify MESENTA immediately if anyone discovers unauthorized use of your MESENTA account and password and any other breach of security rules;

(b) Strictly abide by the rules of the platform, including certification, transactions, fees, withdrawals and other operational procedures;

(c) Safely exit the website and log off the traces at the end of each visit.


MESENTA will not be liable for the damage caused by violation of above regulations.


Dispute Resolution


MESENTA reserves the right to resolve disputes. This includes violations of individual rights, of laws and regulations, unusual transactions, and other related issues not explicitly mentioned in the Terms. The user agrees to bear the costs incurred in the dispute resolution process.


MESENTA Service Usage Guidelines


You agree to abide by the following agreements during the use of the MESENTA Service:

All activities during the use of the MESENTA service comply with legal and regulatory requirements and the rules of use of the MESENTA.

Do not not violate the public interest, public morals and other legitimate rights and interests.

Do not evade taxes and do not violate this agreement and related regulations.

In the event of a breach of the above commitments and consequent legal consequences, you will be solely responsible for all legal liabilities and compensation for the costs and costs of the MESENTA for such violations.


No data or information displayed on this website may be used for commercial purposes without the written consent of MESENTA. Use this website in accordance with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, do not take unfair competition, and do not attempt to interfere with the normal operation of the MESENTA. Such malicious acts include but are not limited to:

Interfere with the website;

Unreasonable data loading request which causes network device overload;

Malicious trading in the market.

By using MESENTA, you agree that MESENTA has the right, in its sole discretion, to determine in its sole discretion whether you have violated any of the above agreements and acted. including but not limited to:

Block and close the order request;

Freeze the account;

Report the incident to the authorities;

Issue the alleged violations and actions taken;

Delete the violation information you posted.

If your violation causes any loss to a third party, you shall bear all legal liabilities in your personal name and guarantee that the MESENTA will be protected from fines or additional expenses. If any damage is caused by your violation, the third party seeks compensation or is subject to administrative agency penalties, you will bear the losses caused by MESENTA, including attorneys' fees.


Service Fee

MESENTA reserves the right to charge a service fee to the user, which is subject to changes by MESENTA.



Scope of responsibility

You agree that MESENTA will not be liable for any loss resulting from any of the following events, including but not limited to:

Profit Loss, data loss or any other intangible loss;

Failure to use the MESENTA service or use the MESENTA service;

Unauthorized use of your account or third party to tamper with your data;

Misunderstanding of the MESENTA service;

Any loss from any other service not directly related to MESENTA.

MESENTA is not responsible for damage caused by service failures or delays caused by external factors such as periodic network maintenance or power failure, natural disasters, service provider problems or government actions.




In the event of any violation of this Agreement, or in violation of relevant laws, regulations or third party rights during the use of MESENTA Services,you agree to indemnify MESENTA and its affiliates, contractors, licensors and their respective directors, officers, employees and agents from claims and damages (including attorneys' fees, fines or penalties imposed by the regulatory authorities).


Termination Agreement


MESENTA reserves the right in its sole discretion to immediately suspend your personal account or corporate account associated with you, freeze or lock funds in all relevant accounts. You will be suspended from accessing the MESENTA, if we suspect that you are in violation of the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Anti-Money Laundering, CTF Act or any relevant laws and regulations. MESENTA reserves the right to retain and use transaction data and all information related to such accounts. The same applies to the following:

The account is subject to criminal investigation or other pending litigation;

Detecting abnormal activity in the account;

Unauthorized access to the account detected;

Receive orders from the court or regulatory agency/government agency.

MESENTA reserves the right to cancel your account and permanently freeze your access to the MESENTA account when:

After the MESENTA terminates the service to you;

You register your MESENTA account directly or indirectly in the name of any other person;

The content of the user information you provide is untrue, inaccurate, outdated or incomplete;

When this Agreement (including the Rules) is amended, you expressly indicate that you are unwilling to accept the revised Service Agreement;

Any other circumstances that MESENTA believes should terminate the service.

If the account is terminated, the account and transaction information that meets the data retention criteria will be stored securely for five years. In addition, MESENTA reserves the right to notify your counterparty immediately if the transaction is not completed during the termination of the account.


Compliance with Local Laws


Users are responsible and obligated to comply with local laws and regulations such as tax policies. Both MESENTA and its users declare that their funding sources are legal. The MESENTA will maintain cooperation with law enforcement agencies around the world and will firmly detain, freeze, and terminate user accounts and funds authorized or investigated by law.


Privacy Policy

MESENTA will announce and revise its privacy policy from time to time on the Platform, which is also an integral part of this Agreement.


Compensation and disclaimer

Unless MESENTA violates these Terms, you agree to indemnify MESENTA and its associated companies from third-party claims. As stated in the Service Description, MESENTA does its best to maintain the data integrity of its website with no guarantee. MESENTA does not assume any loss resulting from the use of its services.