Company profile

Mesenta International Holdings Ltd is registered in British Virgin Islands, registration number 2008372. 美勝達-MESENTA is the abbreviation of its commercial brand, which is operated through its subsidiaries. Its main offices are located in London, Singapore, etc., providing Hong Kong stocks, US stocks, options, foreign exchange, precious metals and other financial asset transactions.

  • Mesenta Markets Company Limited受聖文森特和格林納丁斯授權和監管(授權編號:38256)

  • Mesenta Market Ltd is registered in the British Virgin Islands, FSC authorization number 2008372

  • Mesanda mesenta is registered with the financial authority of the Seychelles, FSA, Registration No. 20876

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Our strengths

Customized transaction panel for customers, simple and easy to use, ensuring fast order execution and low delay

system safety
  • Process large orders per second and meet extreme loads

  • Deposit of customer is margin in a separate account

  • Cash in and out are completed through three-level review

Product specialty
  • Trade with the smallest spread and the lowest Commission in the industry

  • Experienced derivatives traders and bankers

  • Ensure fast order execution and low delay