Six functions of MACD

        MACD (moving average convergence and diversity) was proposed by geral Appel in 1970, using and the technical indicators for judging the buying and selling opportunities. Here are the six functions of MACD index:

      1: MACD can judge the trend of a day, a week and a month.

MACD can judge the situation that the main force and dealers wash and suppress the market and individual stocks after a wave of market starts.

MACD can judge the beginning of a wave of decline in the market and individual stocks, the main force of the market and individual stocks, and the dealer gives investors the opportunity to ship for the second and third time. Tip: when a falling market starts, such as the stock index rebounds (the K-line appears positive, and MACD continues to shorten), it is to give investors the opportunity to deliver goods for the second time. Investors must not take chances, or they will delay the opportunity, regret later, and lose time and money in vain.

        4: When J value in KDJ index is passivated, investors can observe the change of MACD again. As long as MACD is at that time, that day, that month, and Zhou Hongzhu continues to be longer than the previous one, one day, one week, and one month, investors can hold shares with confidence. Once J value is passivated, a few days, and a few weeks later, investors can consider going out or reducing positions.

        5: MACD will rise for the first time under the 0 axis. The stock index and share price will rise to a certain extent. The second time above the 0 axis, the stock index and share price will rise more than the previous one.

        6: each market has a complementary relationship with the MACD index. The main point is that the daily k-value dif (daily line) downward elbow is a short line peaking signal. Look at the K line dif next week, as long as the week dif does not bend down, you can boldly hold shares. If the circular K line dif bends downward, it means that the center line is the top signal. Take another look at the K-line dif next month. As long as the K-line dif doesn't want to bend, investors who are long-term investors can still patiently hold shares. If the dif of the monthly line bends downward, it means that the long line can see the top signal. At this time, it should be considered to thoroughly clear the warehouse and leave the site. The length of the red column of MACD has a lot to do with the above situations. Please pay special attention to 4 points:



2: do not enter the site without weekly line cooperation.


        4: for ex right (10 for more than 5) stocks, if they have been released before ex right, they will not enter the market after ex right.