How to double the short term of small funds?

. This is the core advantage of small capital in financial speculative market.
. But what Xiaobian wants to tell you is that short-term profiteering depends on heavy positions. Only heavy positions can make full use of leverage advantages and enlarge profits. The probability is very low. So the important principle of short-term fund management is that if you are hit by the black swan incident, you still have a chance to make a comeback. In fact, the short-term fund management method is very simple. 50% of each profit is taken out and deposited into a non speculative account the second condition of short-term quick profit: time

P style =" line height: 3EM; text indent: 0EM; margin top: 15px; " 1. The main goal of short-term traders is to only make explosive quotes

this requires you to spend a lot of time to study the market characteristics, to study the trend changes, to be very familiar with what the market is doing every day, so as to enter the market directly at the most critical time.

2. The market is never rational, and the K-line represents the market sentiment:

review the historical trend through the K-line, practice constantly, and feel how long and empty traders think at that time with the psychological state of a pure long and empty trader. What emotions they are ultimately determines the explosive market at this" time ". Before the market broke out, there were many changes. Think about the reaction of bulls such as the trend, the reaction of bulls such as the trend, and how their reaction will guide the market movement.

3. Do not do in weak market:

do not do in weak market, not in bear market.