Some trading ideas worth recommending

. Sometimes the short-term fluctuations in the market are very tempting, and we rush in regardless of everything. The worst way to trade is to take heavy or even full positions and kill them frequently. This is a complete loss of self-control, almost a madman's behavior.

. Keep betting on the deals that are most likely to succeed. Frequent trading will inevitably lead to the decline of the overall trading quality, because there are too many threads in the mind, the whole thinking must be in confusion. There is a cycle of ups and downs in people's physical, mental, emotional and intelligence. Their cycles are 23 days, 28 days and 33 days respectively. When your mind and body are at a low ebb, you'd better avoid the market when your mind is in a mess.

2. Bad trading not only brings losses, but also hinders timely market entry when real opportunities arise a trader should keep a balance between action and inaction, between trading and rest. We can 't keep the short position because we can' t bear loneliness. In fact, it is very healthy to keep the short position. You can keep a neutral attitude and observe the market objectively and calmly. Once the real opportunity appears, you can completely enter the market without any drag. At ordinary times, we do a lot of transactions that should not be done. When the real profit opportunities and the opportunities that really belong to you come, you are in the mire of bad transactions and have no time to pay attention to them.

some problems cannot be solved at the same level, because other new problems will arise in the process of solving this problem, so the problem can only be transcended, not solved at the problem level. Similarly, some problems in the transaction cannot be solved at the transaction level, which requires a trader to raise himself to a height far beyond the market, so that the original problems will be surpassed. In this respect, we can't rely on theory learning and knowledge accumulation. Because theoretical knowledge is external and dead. Wisdom is living, a kind of ability to seek knowledge, a subtle and unquantifiable level of perception, insight, sensitivity and overall situation. A trader should not only have the ability to observe the trend of the market, but also have insight into his psychological dynamics in the trading process, because trading is a two-way interactive process. When the dynamics of subject and object can be reflected in your consciousness, this perception is the real wisdom. Internal promotion is a long-term and gradual process.