The impact of the central bank's reduction of reserve on the stock market

. Reducing the reserve ratio indicates that liquidity has begun to step into the gradual release process.

the impact of "reduction" on the real estate market is limited. The first is to reduce the deposit reserve ratio, which is good for banking stocks, stock market and real estate market.

reducing reserves is just a hedge against hard landing risk, which can be used to hype for the stock market. If the policy strength exceeds the market expectation, the best performance is bank stocks; but for the future economic situation, monetary policy is not a panacea.

the impact of the reduction on the economy:

if the reduction is accurate, the expectation of releasing liquidity will be formed, and the stock market will flow into the capital, which will be good! The long-term effect is more obvious than the short-term effect.

Second, the reduction of reserve means that the central bank's monetary policy has loose expectations. A most of the stock market's rise is driven by funds. The loose money will provide sufficient ammunition for the rise of the stock market. The loose money will support or stimulate the real economy, and improve people's expectations of the future stock market. The reduction is directly beneficial to bank stocks.

Third, targeted reduction of standards is conducive to ease the financing difficulties of small and micro enterprises and promote the development of the real economy. Large companies and enterprises are often the priority to obtain financing. This targeted reduction is not only for the three rural and small and micro enterprises, but also for financial companies, financial leasing companies and auto finance companies, which is conducive to improving the efficiency of enterprise capital utilization, expanding consumption, and also plays a role in supporting the development of the real economy.

4. The reduction of the standard can increase the increment of money, so that banks have more money to invest in economic life, and the rise and fall of a shares are highly related to the liquidity of money. If more money flows into the stock market, the amount of money will increase, and the capital cost will be reduced due to the abundant capital in the market. The company in the market is expected to reduce the financing cost.

v. the impact of "reduction standard" on the real estate market is limited. The first is to reduce the deposit reserve ratio to benefit the real estate market, but it is difficult to rescue the market. For the real estate market which is still in the environment of deep regulation and control, it is good news.