Data transaction method of fundamental analysis?

when the foreign exchange market publishes major data, the market fluctuates extremely violently, and the price drops by dozens of points in a flash. Many investors often fail to grasp the rhythm of the period. Moreover, many investors blindly chase for orders, which leads to losses if they are heavy, and profits will shrink if they are light. If we can hold some tips well, it will help our investors.

major data include non-agricultural employment, GDP, interest rate, housing data, etc. when we do these data, we can't judge whether it is up or down only by the good or bad situation of the data. We also need to make a comprehensive judgment from the degree of the data and the current trend. The following are some ways to make orders when publishing data: analysis methods of basic information

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basic research and Research on data expectation make a judgment on the direction that data is likely to appear. When the data is published, it is a direction that the general risk to profit ratio is 1:3. When we judge the direction, we try to choose a more clear direction and a suitable currency pair. For example, now Europe and the United States, the United States and the pound are in a rising channel, while the pound is under pressure, If you think the data is bad for us dollar, if you want to go ahead with the data, you should choose long Euro instead of pound. If you know the data is good for us dollar, you should choose short pound instead of euro. This method is more risky. If the probability of hit is high, the profit is very considerable. If the probability of hit is low, the loss will be more serious, and even if If you do the right direction, the market may not suddenly come to more than 100 market points as you think.

1.  Before the data is released, hedging orders are placed at the same time with short orders and multiple orders, stop loss is less than 20 points, and profit is more than 60 points. Multiple orders and short orders do not have to be a currency pair at the same time. As mentioned above, Europe's rising pound, we can do multi Europe, short pound. If the data has a big impact, we will get unexpected results. The risk of this method is the situation that the flag of data is uncertain, the price is disorderly linked up and down to stop loss, or the data does not fluctuate as expected, leading to loss handling fee.

2.  To hang up a single, you need to hang more than 15-20 points above the price before the data is published, and hang an empty list between 15-20 points below the price. This method is more stable, but there are certain risks. Because of herd effect and market following psychology, sometimes there is a wave of upward or downward before the data is published, and the direction when the data comes out is opposite to the previous direction. 0, 0); "> previous value & amp; Forecast data vs. real data: according to the market news or data, follow the market trend transaction

after the data is released, the market has been in the direction of chasing more or chasing space. This method requires stable platform, good network speed, quick response of traders, instant decision-making, and excellent chasing skills. So let's introduce a method of anti order chasing. After a short jump, there will be a lot of profit taking in the market. At this time, the price will be suppressed, but it will not return to the price before the data is published. Generally, the position is between 1 / 3-2 / 3 of the previous wave of increase, which should be boldly entered by the traders.

there will be a certain callback after the market fluctuates a lot, so it is necessary to pay attention to timely closing positions to obtain the profits that have been obtained. This situation occurs when the market expectation and actual value are quite different

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