How to analyze the fundamentals of foreign exchange speculation?

? &Basic analysis is a major category of foreign exchange analysis. It focuses on market drivers and forecasts basic trends and exchange rate changes by analyzing a country's macroeconomic situation. The exchange rate fluctuates, but it always changes. Usually, when a country's economy is strong, its currency exchange rate will rise. When the economy is down, the currency stability will weaken the currency devaluation, and the exchange rate will decrease.

because the US dollar is the world trade and settlement currency, its ratio accounts for more than 50%, which determines that the US dollar itself has the nature of risk aversion. In the foreign exchange market, the US dollar has an absolute dominant position and advantage. The economic situation of the United States is the main force affecting the exchange market. Its economic data has become the focus of foreign exchange investors!

the effects of different economic data on the market are: interest rate resolution, unemployment data, GDP, industrial production, foreign trade, inflation rate, producer price index, consumer price index, wholesale price index, retail price index, purchasing manager index, consumer confidence index, business prosperity index, and construction Data, factory orders, personal income, car sales, average wage, commercial inventory, leading index, etc of course, the impact of data will change under different market focus and market psychology. For example, when a certain economic data is different from the expected value, its impact on the market will be magnified; for example, before the change of monetary easing policy, employment data, inflation and other data will be more concerned; for example, for the impact on monetary policy or large economic events, during the period of official speech, institutional evaluation, political speeches, etc., will have a greater impact on the foreign exchange market, especially in On the eve of the release of important data, investors expected to get more valuable information from it for the source of economic data, investors can obtain it through the financial calendar of industrial market. The financial calendar updates the economic data, economic indicators and announcements of major financial events related to major currencies and energy in real time. Investors can view all kinds of information of the day and history in actual transactions, investors do not have to and cannot analyze all data one by one. It is to grasp the change of market focus at that time and the market's response to the focus. Of course, for a successful foreign exchange investor, it is necessary to make predictions and judgments before and after the publication of indicators and data, as well as what trading strategies should be adopted before and after the publication of data. Therefore, certain economic theoretical knowledge is necessary. Because policy makers often follow the same economic theory and logic.