1. How to create a live account?

Follow the instructions below to create a live account.

1) Open SmartBKR registration page, type in  your email address and tap "Get Code" to get the verification code.

2) Enter the correct verification code and set your password.

3) Tap "Confirm" to create a live account.

Note: Investors must complete the identity verification before making a deposit. Please finish the KYC verification as soon as your registration is completed.

2. How to create a demo account?

After registration, the system will automatically create a demo account for investors.

1) Sign in your account after registration, and tap into "Account" page.

2) Tap the "Switch to Demo" button at the upper right corner and click the "Confirm" button to switch to demo account.

Demo account looks the same as Live account. There are $5,000 FREE bonus for investors to get familiar with our trading platform and practice trading without losing a penny.

3. How to complete identity verification (KYC)?

1) Head to "Account" page and tap the "Account Verification" button.

2) Follow the instruction on screen to submit the relevant identity proof for verification.

In accordance with regulatory requirements, investors need to submit relevant supporting documents to complete the identity verification procedures. The required supporting documents are as follows:

1) ID card/Passport

2) Bank account

The document must be readable, non-reflective, and clearly show your full name and date of birth.


1.What are the consequences of not transferring the correct amount listed in the deposit order?

If you do not transfer the amount listed in the deposit order, the deposit will not be successfully transfered to your Live account in SmartBKR. In this case, you must contact our Customer Support for further assistance.

Note: If the deposit does not match the actual amount of the order, it will take 1-14 working days to process the deposit, and the specific time is subject to the processing speed of the bank. At the same time, this behavior may bring additinal trading risks to you.

2. When will the withdrawal be dealt with?

According to the investors' deposit record and SmartBKR's withdrawal policy, investors will receive the withdrawal based on the following rules:

1) The withdrawal request submitted before 16:00 (GMT+8)  will receive the payment on the same day.

2) The withdrawal request submitted after 16:00 (GMT+8)  will be dealt with on the next trading day.

3. How to charge the withdrawal fee?

In general, SmartBKR does not charge deposit and withdrawal fees from clients, except the following special circumstances:

1) Investors will be charged a fiate rate of $3 US dollar processing fee for each withdrawal which is less than $50 US dollar.

2) A processing fee of 6% will be charged when 50% of deposited funds have not been used for trading or made withdrawal request without performing any trading after the latst deposited funds.

3) SmartBKR do not support funds from 3rd-party account/credit card holder, and the funds will be returned with a rate of 7% of processing fee.

4. What to do if I haven't received the payment yet?

When we finished processing your withdrawal request, the withdrawal status will be displayed as "Completed". The specific time when the payment credits to your bank account is subject to the processing speed of the bank. If you still have not received the payment for more than for a long period, please contact our Customer Support for further assistance.

5. What is the solution when my acount balance is negative?

SmartBKR features a negative balance protection mechanism for investors and you do not need to bear the negative balance in your account. When the mechanism is triggered, the system will notify you by email and will offset the negative balance automatically.


1. What is the spread? How is the spread fee charged?

The spread is the difference between the buying price and the seling price.  The spread is the cost of the trader, which is only charged when opening a position, and no fees will be charged for closing a position.

Spread Formula: (Long  Buying Price - Short Selling Price) X Contract Size x Lot Size.

We adopt a floating spread and the spread will change with the liquidity and market fluctuations of the entire market. The actual spreads charged will depend on the product traded by investors. Specifically, it is based on the real-time spread displayed on our trading platform.

2. How does forced liquidation work?

When the net value of your account fails to meet the margin requirement of the position, it will trigger forced liquidation.

1) When your margin rate is lower than 30% * opening contract value, the system will automatically close the position to avoid greater loss to the trader.

2) When the net value is less than or equal to 100% of the initial margin, the system will notify the customer by email to increase the margin, but this is not necessary. The platform does not have the responsibility to remind the customer.

3. What are Take Profit and Stop Loss orders?

1) Take Profit Order: This order type can help investors seize the profit's chance. After the investor presets a take profit order, if the market price reaches the trigger price set by the investor, the take profit order will become a market order and be executed at the best market price that can be executed at that time.

2) Stop Loss Order: This order type can help investors reduce losses. After the investor presets a stop-loss order, if the market price reaches the trigger price set by the investor, the stop-loss order will become a market order. It will be executed at the last market price that can be executed at that time.

Please note that all orders (including take profit, stop loss, etc.) may be affected by gaps due to fluctuations in market conditions, and may not be executed at the predetermined price. In this case, the order will be executed at the next best price in the market. In addition, investors can modify or cancel various orders at any time during trading hours before the order is executed, as long as they meet our order preset requirements.


1. What are the advantages of Copy Trading?

SmartBKR's Copy trading creates opportunity for you to leverage someone else’s investment knowledge and experience. You don't have to analyze stock/forex/crypto market movements or trends to decide which to buy, sell or hold. You can simply follow a pro investor.

Advantages of Copy Trading in SmartBKR

1) Automated trading: The main advantage of copy trading is the ability to automate your trading by following other profitable traders. The only effort you need to make is to find a profitable trader with good trading results, and periodically review the performance of the trader.

2) Learn to trade from pro investors: You can observe and learn from more experienced and professional traders. This kind of experience can be an educational one that proves valuable in the long term, particularly for beginner traders and those new to the markets.

3) Avoid emotion trading: If you're new to trading, you may have experienced that emotions can have a big impact on your trading results. With copy trading, emotional trading becomes a thing of the past. Since you don't have to analyze the market and trade on your own, there are no emotions involved.

2. What are some of the reasons that Followers fail to follow Top Traders successfully?

Here are a few of the common reasons:

1) The maximum number of Followers allowed by a Top Trader has been reached.

2) The Top Trader you've selected has been removed.

3) Followers do not have any funds in the Account.

4) The maximum position margin per contract or maximum daily limit set by the Follower has been reached.

3. Why did my position get liquidated while my Top Trader’s position is not?

1) Leverage. When Follower uses a higher leverage than the Top Trader's, the risk of liquidation for the Follower's position is higher as the liquidation price will be nearer to the entry price.

2) Average entry price. The average entry price of the Follower's copied trades may not be exactly the same as the Master Trader's due to the slippage or failed copy trades.

4. What are the fees associated with a copy trade?

The trading fee is the same as the rates incurred when you trade on SmartBKR trading platform. No extra fees will be charged.